Greg Knapp

Software Engineer | Full Stack Web Developer

Hertfordshire, UK

Greg Knapp

Full Stack Web Developer


TypeScript / JavaScript / React
Linux (Ubuntu / CentOS)
Public Cloud (AWS / Azure)


Professional Profile

I am a senior developer with 15+ years' commercial experience. I started out as a web designer before moving into full stack web application development.

My core technologies are TypeScript / Javascript and PHP (with some Python) but I also have commercial experience with niche languages including Clojure & ClojureScript (that expanded my knowledge of functional programming, concurrency and strict management of application state).

I've worked in Agile teams and on waterfall projects; in start-ups to medium sized businesses, as a developer through to technical lead.

Innately curious and a life long learner, I enjoy acquiring new skills to deliver great software solutions. I like to stay current by listening to podcasts, reading online tutorials or taking MOOC courses (e.g. Cousera, udemy or Plural Sight).

What I can do

My skills

JS ES8 / React / Express

I have built responsive web applications & dashboards, RESTful web services & APIs (Express) and daemons listening / publishing to message queues (Rabbit MQ / ZeroMQ). This site is built with JavaScript, React, Redux and Material UI.

Node.js / MySQL / SOLID

I've 10+ years experience of back-end development using various RDBMS, utilising SOLID design principles and employing automated testing.

Rabbit MQ / Distributed Systems

I've built multiple distributed systems using Rabbit MQ to provide co-ordination, decoupling and horizontal scalability. I've experience with queues, topics & exchanges and know how to tune for throughput or resiliency.

Amazon Web Services / Azure

In previous roles I championed migrating to AWS. I'm familiar with AWS and Azure. Much of my current work is focussed on front-end and electron development.

Linux (Cent OS / Ubuntu / Mint)

I have 10+ years Linux experience. I'm proficient on the command line (bash / zsh) with Debian based distributions as well as Cent OS. I have experience installing & configuring popular web servers and databases or where needed compiling from source.

Git / CI / JIRA

I've used git since 2009; SVN before then. I have experience with CI and git hooks for fast feedback & SonarQube for static analysis. I've used JIRA & Confluence to track progress, document system designs and features.

Curriculum Vitae

My experience and education.


Senior Software Engineer

Using a TypeScript / Javascript oriented tech stack, I've built browser and electron based geospatial information system (GIS) applications and tools to complement Cadcorp's core product offerings.


2017 - Present

Senior Software Engineer (R&D)

I built a variety of prototypes and production systems. I was lead developer on multiple projects, with responsibility for overall system design and implementation. I won the Eckoh employee award in December 2015.


2011 - 2017

LAMP Developer

I was a member of the UK development team (6 developers) responsible for building the companies music and video products. I received an 'All Star Performer' award in 2010.

Alexander St. Press

2007 - 2011


Computer Science (Distinction)

I used Delphi and Java during my course, I specialised in software engineering during my final year.

Univ. of Hertfordshire

Higher National Diploma

Mathematics, Computing & Design Technology

I taught myself Visual Basic, Delphi and HTML while at school.

The Priory School

A Levels

Contact Greg

Please reach out to me via LinkedIn.